Best Short Hair Prom Hairstyles

If you have a short pixie cut or an above-the-shoulders crop, finding an interesting hairstyle for prom can be difficult. Short hair is often accused of not being versatile enough, especially when it comes to formal styles. However, these short hair prom hairstyles will help you make a statement by adding a few flips, curls or accessories.

Vintage Curls

This is one of the best short hair prom hairstyles because it adds an interesting twist to any outfit. The simple finger wave on top combined with tight curls at the end and gorgeous shiny hair was very popular among Hollywood starlets a few decades ago. You just can’t go wrong with this hairstyle! Start by combing the damp hair with a firm hold gel. Use the comb to create S-shaped finger waves on each side of the part and clip them in place with bobby pins or long skinny clips so the hair can dry in place. Insert small rollers in the rest of your head and allow it to dry, or use a small curling iron. Remove the clips and finish with firm hold hairspray. Short hair prom hairstyles with vintage curls are most suitable for heart, oval and some square or round faces. It works great on fine to thick hair density with a bit of natural texture.


Not only Rapunzel can have a beautiful prom hairstyle. Pixie haircuts are very popular right now because of their sweet, simple charm. However, short hair prom hairstyles deserve to stand out. Some sparkly barrettes, a bright headband and other girly accessories will take your short hair to a new level. To style your pixie, blow dry the hair forward and use some pomade to add texture and break up layers. Piece your bangs forward and then to one side with your fingers and after you are satisfied with the result, add the crowning accessories. The pixie cut is ideal for heart and round faces with fine to medium hair.

Simple Curls

This is an easy style to recreate and formal enough to go great with any dress. To achieve the simple curls, you must smooth the hair in the front and curl it in the back. After blow drying, use a curling iron to create some curls around the sides and back of your hair. To flat iron the front section, pull from the roots across your forehead and fix with some spray. This is one of the short prom hairstyles that work great on any face shape and hair density.