Create an easy hairstyle using ribbon

The ribbon has been used in fashion ever since the Victorian times, to adorn not only the clothes but also the hair. During the time, many celebrities have used this fabric to create an original hairstyle, and influenced the trends, creating new tendencies in fashion. For example, since the first episodesof the Gossip Girl series in which one of the characters, Blair Waldorf, started to use ribbon headbands, their popularity has increased and all the teenagers tries somehow to include this element in their outfit. The series actually made some statements in terms of fashion, and the two main characters, Serena and Blair, not only dictated the style of their fellow colleagues and young girls on the Upper East Side, but also the stylistic features of a whole generation. They always looked fabulous and stand out with their perfect attires. The headband became Blair’s signature style and has been adapted to many situations by women all around the world. In addition to this, Charlize Theron, Alexa Chung and Paris Hilton are only few of the stars who have rocked the red carpet wearing ribbon as hair accessory. Apart from this traditional manner of using ribbon for your hair, there are many other ways in which you can use this material to accessorize your hair.

There are plenty of images and tutorials to teach you how to do it yourself and you will see that there is nothing more easy than applying the right accessory at the right time. Regardless the age, you can include ribbon in any look. From little girls to teenagers, brides, or elderly women, whether you want to have a relaxed aspect or you need an elegant and classy look,  you will for sure find a suitable hairstyle created using ribbon. Brides, for example, can replace the classical tiara which supports the veil with a simple white headband, more comfortable and easy to take on and off, without damaging the coiffure. Depending on the occasion, you have plenty of alternatives, such as: a simple pony tail with a big satin bow on the back; loose, angled braid or fish braid, with ribbon within it and a bow on the bottom; up-do or messy bun accessorized with a small ribbon; braid wrapped the head like a headband, with ribbon interlaced.


One of these hairstyles will definitely match any occasion, from a daily look to the hairstyle of a bride. It depends, of course, on the material, texture and colour you choose. If you are very creative and a bit handy, you can easily obtain a classy look, without a lot of resources. There are many suppliers on the market, such as The Ribbon Room UK, where you can find anything you need. The offers are various, and meet any expectations and budget, so do not hesitate and purchase the material you need to create a trade mark of your hairstyle.