Celebrity Prom Hairstyles

Hairstyles worn by celebrities are popular between teenage girls who want to look like their favorite stars for prom night. The most interesting part is that you can create their most beautiful hairstyles yourself, at home, without spending a fortune at the hairdresser. Decide which one from the above celebrity prom hairstyles is perfect for you.

A hairstyle that is still in trend and many celebrities wear it is the curly bob. Curls are ideal for prom, because they offer a touch of romance to the look. Curly bob matches perfectly with a retro dress and is perfect for an evening event.

For long and medium hair lengths, other celebrity prom hairstyles include high buns. This look is very versatile and suitable for a special event like a prom. For an elegant look, secure your hair in a high ponytail and create a high polished bun, which you secure with pins. Add a shine spray to make hair shine and you have an evening look.

If you have a strong hair color, you can wear Emma Stone‚Äôs loose waves. A curling iron and a hairspray help you do that hairstyle. Create loose waves, secure them to one side and let some loose curls around your face. You must get a relaxed look, so gently pull each curl so that curls are not too tight and add hairspray to fix your hairstyle. An advice we have for you is to search for a celebrity fashion blog, because there you can keep in touch with the latest styles that they adopt, and which can serve as inspiration for your prom night. Of course we can never hope to identically emulate these styles that professionals create, but some of them are straightforward enough, or quite easily accessible, and they can make us look just as good as the stars we admire. So don’t hesitate to browse through a celebrity fashion blog, and you might even get a few tips concerning outfits and accessories for special occasions as well.

Other celebrity prom hairstyles include long, super-straight hair. It is an ultra-chic look and simple to get. Straighten your hair with a flat-ironing and make a center part, at the end apply a shine serum. This sleek and modern style complements a simple, yet elegant gown. If you want a more chic look, style your hair in a fish tail and pull out strands around the face. This hairstyle is perfect for prom and is easily doable. Another simple to do hairstyle and very elegant is a sleek high ponytail. Many celebrities opt for this hairstyle for an elegant look. All you have to do is to secure your hair in a ponytail, wrap a strand over the elastic hair band and secure it with a pin under the pony.

Teenage girls with short hair can also get celebrity prom hairstyles. A short cut can be made prom-worthy very quickly. If you wear short hair, dare to highlight your bangs by adding some volume. A strong hairspray to fix your hairstyle will help you give personality to your short hair. If you have super-short strands, put a styling wax to add texture to hair and you are ready for prom.

Celebrity prom hairstyles must be selected according to your style and must match your prom dress. These are just a few unique hairdos for prom night inspired by celebrities and you can do most of these hairstyles at home.