Curly Prom Hairstyles

With patience and a little skill, even if you have straight hair you can get some elegant waves and volume to your hair. Curls are elegant and charming and are a perfect choice for prom night.

There are many possibilities to style your straight hair and create curly prom hairstyles. For prom night, teenage girls with straight hair can opt for a hairstyle with voluminous waves. Use a styling wax to highlight a few strands and make some lighter strands to give the impression of volume. This hairstyle is simple to do and easy to maintain the entire night. If you want a romantic look, opt for a hairstyle with perfect curls gathered over one shoulder. This look can be complemented with delicate accessories.

Girls with long hair can opt for loose waves with center part. It is one of the modern curly prom hairstyles and contrasts nicely with a stylish dress. For long hair, another option is to add volume at the crown of the head and try a half up, half-down look with curls down your back. If you wear bangs, try the same half-up, half-down look. Bangs complement the soft curls and create even a more elegant look.

For those with blunt bangs, use a straightening iron for bangs and let your wavy layers hang freely. This hairstyle provides a cute and feminine look. But, if you don’t want a prom hairstyle with bangs you can pin back your bangs and wear your curls down. Add a little glam to your hairstyle choosing an accessory with a nice design and you will have an evening look.

Other curly prom hairstyles for teenage girls are messy buns. Make soft curls and secure them into a messy side bun. You will create an elegant and perfect hairstyle for prom. Another way in which you can style your hair is to secure your curls in a high bun and add some thin headbands. If you want a chic look, some braids in your loose curls are fun and appropriate to your age.

Wavy ponytails are other wonderful prom hairstyles. A low ponytail with wavy layers over one shoulder and bangs swept to the other side is girly and appropriate to your age and is a perfect choice for the big night. Another way in which you can wear a wavy ponytail hairstyle is with wavy layers twisted back to the nape of your neck, gathered in a low ponytail and left to hang freely.

These curly prom hairstyles are just some ideas of how to style your hair. Curls are elegant and will always provide a fresh and charming look appropriate to your age. You just need a little skill and creativity and, of course, accessories to obtain a wonderful hairstyle for prom night.