Gentle Waves Prom Hairstyles

Every girl wants to look her best on prom night, dressed like a princess or celebrity from head to toes. Achieving that is not difficult at all if you put a little thought in it and prepare yourself a few weeks ahead. Besides choosing your dress, shoes and accessories, hairstyle is another important factor to take into consideration. The hairstyle has to match your dress and, if it is more complex or it involves hair falling on your shoulders you might want to consider more discreet jewelry. In this article we’ll talk about gentle waves prom hairstyles for every girl, which are very popular and, at the same time, easy to create at home with little effort and repeated practice. Furthermore, these hairstyles can work with different prom hair color ideas therefore they don’t require a visit to the hair salon as they can be done at home with minimum effort.

Gentle waves prom hairstyles are suitable for every length of hair that allows the creation of curls, so anyone can try them at home or at the hair salon with the help of a professional hair stylist. One hairstyle that is particularly fitting for women with long hair and middle parted hair is that which implies the styling of big and loose curls. After you’ve made your curls – including your side-swept bangs –, take individual streaks of hair and pin them in the center at the back of your head one over another, loose enough to have volume yet tight enough not to fall down. You can even twist some of the streaks as you pin them in order to achieve a multi-textured hairstyle.

There are also some gentle waves prom hairstyles that are more “correct” and in place, and the one we will present involves tying the hair tightly on the crown of the head. Curl the remaining loose hair and then start creating big loops with it to cover the base. In the end you should achieve something that looks like a flower or like a rich bow. One could also simply curl their hair whichever way they like, sweep the bangs aside and pin the hair on one side, right above the ear, with a delicate and decorated hairpin. Replace the pin with a tight weave on one side and you’ve got modern and inspired gentle waves prom hairstyles.

Different  prom hair color ideas call for different hairstyles. If you have a nice natural hair color, the best thing to do is chose a naturally looking hairstyle such as gentle curls or waves. Another way to achieve great gentle waves prom hairstyles is to create finger wave curls with the help of thin hairpins. Apply styling product on the wet hair and, with the help of your fingers create waves on both sides of your hair parting and secure them with hairpins until the hair dries. Curl the rest of the hair with an iron curler into thin and wavy curls that fall loosely on one side.