How hair stylists handle the prom frenzy

Hair stylists are busy people, especially if they are good and they’ve managed to make a name for themselves in a certain community as more and more people, especially women, have switched from the trend of doing their own hair to resorting to professional services. In addition, this is a field where word of mouth still bears a lot of weight and many women choose their stylist based on referrals and recommendations, rather than research. However busy a hair salon might be on a regular basis, it’s nothing compared to what happens during prom season, especially in larger communities where there are many high schools, numerous students and most proms are at more or less the same time. Hair stylists can get quite overwhelmed, which is why they have an innovative tool to help them handle and manage all the appointments and the frenzy effectively, a tool called online salon booking app or software.

During the days or even weeks leading up to the proms, the hair salon’s phone line can get jammed, with dozens of calls every day wanting to make an appointment. This can cause a hair stylist to not only lose clients, because they can’t get through, but also to overbook or double book a certain slot, because of the confusion and lack of time to organize things properly. Well, an online salon booking application solves both of those problems, because it allows interested clients to book their appointments online, or hairstylists can do that while talking to the client, and it instantly updates the schedule, so that there is no risk of double booking a certain day and time. It also helps with keeping appointments on schedule and not run the risk of getting behind, because it took longer than scheduled to cater to a certain client. When hair stylists make a booking with this type of application, they have the ability to enter not only the name of the client and the time of the appointment, but also the services requested, such as a simple hairdo or wash, blow-dry and style or even coloring, wash and style, so stylists can see right from the start the time allocated to a certain client.


All things taken into account, proms are special events, important events in the lives of high school students, especially girls, who want to look they’re best, so each and every one of them is looking for a hair stylist for that day. Prom hair styles are not the kind of styles one can do in 15-20 minutes, therefore a hair stylist has to be extremely organized in order to handle this busy time effectively and make sure that all clients receive the attention and time they deserve. Otherwise, the word of mouth will get around that they overbooked to cut corners and the treatment and service was rushed. Hence, an online salon booking app or software is an invaluable tool for hair stylists and not just during proms, enabling them to manage appointment schedules and manage clients more efficiently.