How to glam up your dress for prom

How to glam up your dress for prom

Dressing for prom is an exciting experience, but what can you do if the prom dress that you have found is plain looking? It is an all one colour, not to mention that the cut is pretty basic. If you find yourself in this particular situation and wish you had something Taylor Swift would wear on the red carpet, you should know that there are ways to glam up the prom dress. You can actually make it a little dressier and a whole lot glamorous with the help of coloured ribbons. You can either accessorise or incorporate ribbon into the design itself. If you are off to high school prom or any other dressy occasion, consider use these tips.

Add coloured accents  

The easiest way to add accent to a plain dress is through the addition of coloured ribbons such as those found in a UK ribbon store. Strips can be added depending on the style of the gown. More precisely, you can use coloured cloth as lacing in dresses which feature a lacing similar to a corset. Consider accessorising up the front or back the gown, but also along the edges, the result will be an elaborate dress. On the other hand, some designers prefer to use coloured decorations to trim the edge of the veil, thus providing just a splash of colour to the traditional gown.


Another great way to bring life into a plain dress is to add sashes of a vivid colour. The most common way in which this can be realized is by securing the sash around the waist, just like a belt. Designers who make elaborate gowns often choose to combine striking sashes with other accents in order to create a larger colour scheme within the dress. It is needless to say that you can achieve the very same thing. If you are not very handy with the sewing machine, you can take your gown to a tailor.

Tie a formal bow

If you have been to weddings, you have probably seen a lot of sloppy bows on girls’ dresses. The reason for this is that people have got used to dressing casually and fewer and fewer are learning how to tie a bow. This is how you can tie a pretty bow: centre your ribbon in order to have equal lengths, left over right, left under right, fold a loop with one of the strips towards the right, bring the other one down and place it under the first strip, pull the first strip through towards the left one and secure the shape.

Use the right type of ribbon

Satin is a special kind of weave that has a shiny surface and that you can pair with almost any rich colour. However, be careful so as to erring on the side of the prom dress. Grosgrain, on the other hand, is less shiny than satin, but it is a good choice if you are looking for something that brings elegance. Even if it is not an eye-catcher, it will definitely add an interesting touch to the prom dress.