How to wear a skirt to prom

When it comes to prom outfits, princess dresses seem to have monopolised the market. It’s the thing that colleagues and sellers expect you to wear, but what if you don’t want to? There are many reasons why prom dresses may be off-putting: they can be overpriced, generic, cheesy or unflattering on your body shape. Switching to a jeans and blazer combination is an option, but it may be too casual for the occasion, so try wearing a skirt instead. You can pair it with anything you like, dress it up, dress it down, and enjoy more comfort and versatility. Here are some great ways you can wear mini skirts to prom and still turn heads and look fabulous.

High waist sequin skirt with an elegant crop top

High waist skirts are not only figure flattering and comfortable, but also versatile. Buy a statement, sequin skirt, which will be the highlight of the outfit, and pair it with an elegant crop top or even bandeau top. It’s up to you if you want to have both items in the same style or do an edgy combination between an elegant skirt and an urban top.

Flowy skater skirt with a patterned blouse

Skater skirts don’t necessarily have to be worn with trainers and slouchy T-shirts. In fact, they can be quite prom-appropriate if you know how to choose the right fabric. For a classy, sophisticated look, avoid jersey and other common materials and go for something more unique, such as lace or velvet, in a plain, solid colour. Wear it with a patterned top (floral patterns never go out of style) or a blouse. Avoid T-shirts, as they can make you look too casual.

Voluminous tulle mini skirt with a strapless top

A tulle mini skirt is the perfect in-between solution if you love princess dresses, but find them a bit too girly. Online stores offer stunning tulle mini-skirts at a fraction of the cost, and you can pair them with a simple top to achieve a great look. White and pastel colours are all time favourites, but you can also get a black or neon-coloured skirt if you want to be non-conformist. The best thing about tulle skirts is that they’re very versatile, so, unlike prom princess dresses, you can wear them on more than one occasion.

General tips & tricks

You can be very creative with mini skirts and prom outfits in general, but remember that you should try to respect your school’s dress code. Some institutions are very liberal and allow girls to wear almost whatever they want, while other tend to be very strict and require them to cover their shoulders, chest, back and legs. Make sure you understand the dress code before buying anything. Last, but not least, learn to achieve a sophisticated look through accessories, hair and make-up. If your outfit is quite simple, you can spice it up by wearing a pair of high heels, bedazzled clutch purse or statement jewellery. Your hairstyle and makeup should also complement your outfit choices  without being overpowering.