Match you hairstyle to your prom dress

The prom season is closer than ever, and you should hurry to decide upon the dress and hairstyle, because soon you will feel overwhelmed. Some people consider more important the hairstyle, others consider that the dress should be the one around you build your look, so you are the one who decides which one is more important to you. However, you should know that you couldn’t combine any hairstyle with any dress, because even if you might not know, there are some rules according to which they should be combined. If you take a look at the outfits of the celebrities, you will notice that when they wear a certain type of dress they style their hair up, and so on. Therefore, in case you have no idea how you should style your hair for the prom, you should ask for the help of a professional hairdresser like Leo Bancroft, because in this way you will benefit from the help of a specialist.

Keep your hair simple with a complex dress

If you are the type of person who likes the dresses, which feature a complex pattern, or model, then you should keep your hairstyle simple. If the clothing item you are choosing features intricate details, as lace, glitter, and other similar accessories, you should not opt for a sophisticated hairstyle, because it will look overwhelming. Take a look at the outfits from the red carpet of different events, and you will notice that the celebrities who prefer complex outfits, always keep their hair simple. It is true that persons like Lady Gaga, combine them in an eccentric way, but you do not want to obtain the reactions she has, at the prom, this is not the type of event when you want to shock.

Consider the neckline

It is recommended to choose the dress before deciding upon the hairstyle, because it is very important to match it to the neckline. For example, if your dress has a high neckline, then you should wear an updo, because it is the most appropriate style for it. But if you choose a clothing item that has a low cut in the back or front of the dress, then you can choose either an updo, or a loose hairstyle. If you want to calm the sexiness of the dress, and this is recommended considering that you are attending the prom, then you should wear your hair loose. If you are accessorising to your tube dress a statement necklace, then you should opt for an updo, because in this way the jewellery is the one that attracts the attention.

Rehearse before the prom

It is very important to ask the hairdresser to offer you a consultation before the prom, because you have to be sure that the style you have been chosen complements the dress. You should wear the dress and jewelleries and ask a friend to take you pictures from different angles to see how it looks and if you have to change some aspects or not.