Prom Hairstyles for Black Girls

Finding the perfect prom hairstyle can be quite a hassle if you have disobedient hair that will hardly yield to styling products or certain complicated hairdos. In this article we’ll present some daring prom hairstyles for black girls because they sometimes find it more difficult to achieve certain kinds of hairstyles. These hairstyles are meant for girls with medium or long hair, but there are also numerous options for girls with short hair, such as adding highlights, colored hair extensions, and sparkly hairpins and so on. Beautiful black girls such as Rihanna or Kelly Rowland have been seen numerous times sporting short hairstyles or medium bobs that beautifully frame their faces and that are at the same time versatile and allow for numerous transformations.

Prom hairstyles for black girls are just as numerous as those for light-skinned girls; you just have to be daring and willing to try something special. Black girls with long hair actually have more options because they can choose to straighten their hair with a flat iron, to do large-curled or small-curled perms or to opt for the countless styles of braids available, including those woven with beads like Alicia Keys used to wear. All you have to do when choosing prom hairstyles for black girls is opt for something that fits you and the shape of your head. You can even go for some cool short haircuts, ones that still allow you to try different styles and to represent you. Lots of African-American celebrities, like Rihanna or Halle Berry have sported cool short haircuts, and they can serve as great inspiration for any girl.

Ponytails and braids are really in demand right now and they are also youthful and sensual with hair of all colors. The indubitable fish braid is very much popular these days and it looks especially well with lighter nuances of hair, but in the end anything will do. Loose curls are still a good option for prom hairstyles for black girls, or any girls for that matter because they are a timeless hairdo.

Black girls with light-colored hair such as chestnut brown, cognac, light brown or auburn look truly amazing, especially if the colors are blended and layered for a more natural look. Hair like this can be worn simply straightened, curled, braided, weaved, or any other way you prefer it because the amazing colors only bring out the elegant positioning of the hair. Small curls are ideal for girls with medium to short hair, or with unequal bob haircuts; down-dos are also a great option for proms because they look tidy and elegant, they’re easy to forget about and they can still look fabulous and sensual.