Prom Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Curly hair will always be in trend because offers a sensual and fresh look and allows different hairstyles. Indeed, curly hair needs more special care and a conditioner is indicated after each wash. For prom night, hairstyles for curly hair vary depending on preference and hair length. Read on to know how to create prom hairstyles for curly hair at home.

Curly hair is already a natural look and a simple hairstyle. You can adopt your natural and simple look for prom just using a hair spray, to set hair up. But, to reduce the contrast between your sophisticated prom dress and the simple hairstyle add delicate hair accessories such as headbands with rhinestones and fine beads. You can use this idea to add extra beauty to your hairstyle. If you opt to wear a simple dress, choose less extravagant accessories such as a simple headband or colored pins.

Another option is to highlight your fringe leaving your curly hair loose. Although it seems hard to believe, bangs can completely change the facial appearance. If you have curly hair and short fringes, medium length, straighten them and leave the rest of hair wavy. Fringes look chic and elegant. You can make a side fringe, depending on what you prefer.

Braids can be ideal prom hairstyles for curly hair. Braid your hair and secure them at the base with very thin elastic, the same with your hair color. Braided hairstyles complement any evening dress. If you have long curly hair you can try two other interesting options. Braid your hair from the top and secure it in a low ponytail at the nape of neck. For a hair with more volume, sweep your curls to one side and braid them over the shoulder. You will get a romantic and chic hairstyle for prom, without major effort. Regardless of hair length, if you are opting for braids let out some loose strands around the face. Your neglect look will give you with a special and charming attitude.

Buns are also a perfect option and you can create beautiful and chic prom hairstyles for curly hair. Sweep hair into a side bun and secure it with bobby pins. Do not worry about loose strands, they offer a chic look. You can opt for floral accessories to add a special touch to your hairstyle. If you want an extravagant hairstyle, ask a hairstylist to help you.

Therefore, for elegant evening gowns, curly hair allows you to create different hairstyles. You just need a little imagination and accessories to create a beautiful and cute look. You will definitely find an ingenious way to style your hair trying these prom hairstyles for curly hair at home.