Prom Hairstyles for Men

Girls plan their prom looks for months before the big night. Men are a lot more relaxed in this matter, yet they too need to rise up to the expectations of such a big event. Today, we have prepared a few stylish prom hairstyles for men which we hope will help guys impress their dates on prom night. These hairstyles are modern and stylish yet they are perfectly adequate for a formal even such as the prom.

The classic cut

This particular hairstyle has been around for many years without falling out of styles. However, in the last few years, its popularity was increased by the numerous celebrities who have started wearing it such Jensen Ackles, the star of the Supernatural series. The great thing about this hairstyle is that it can be worn by all men. Even if your hair is curly, this hairstyle is short enough in order to make the hair stiff, and if you need a little help styling the hair, you can always use some hair wax. Nevertheless, try not to use to much hair product in order not to ruin the clean look of this hairstyle. If you think that this hairstyle is too elegant, you can balance it with a 2-3 days beard. We advise you to check out the top rated electric razors for men and find one which suits your needs. Pick an electric shaver which also include a trimming attachment in order for you to maintain the casual beard without having to shave it off every few days.

Cool brushed up hairstyle

This is one of the best prom hairstyles for men and it requires medium hair. The brushing process is very simple. All you have to do is rub some hair wax on your hands and brush your hair backwards with your fingers. If your hair is very thick and won’t stay the way you want it to stay, you can always try to style it while it is still wet and use a blow-drier in order to dry it in the desired style. Although the men featured in our second picture is rocking this hairstyle with a cool beard, we advise you to skip the beard. Buy one of the top rated electric razors for men and keep your beard under control on prom night as very few men can pull of a beard and a tux.

Sleek and neat

The last choice on our list of the best prom hairstyles for men is a sort of pompadour. The hair is a lot longer at the crown of the head and it is styled in a side brushed way. This hairstyle requires a lot of hair gel, preferably one with a wet effect.