Prom Hairstyles for Short Hair

Prom hairstyles don’t have to be complicated in order to be attractive, especially if you want them to last all night while you dance and move around. Getting a fashionable prom hairstyle is even easier for girls with short hair because there are countless hairdos that even the most beautiful celebrities adhere to. In this article we’ll present a few quick and easy prom hairstyles for short hair that will help you look fabulous and confident. Though many believe short hair isn’t versatile they are wrong, because there are many tricks you can use in order to have a special and quite unique hairstyle. Adding curls, accessories, hairpins or hair meshes can get you that gorgeous look you want.

One of the most inspired prom hairstyles for short hair is a vintage look resembling that of Hollywood celebrities in the 1920s. If your hair is a medium bob, all you have to do is wet your hair, apply firming gel on it and make a finger wave on each side of your part. Keep the wave in place with a slim pin and create small curls at the base of the hair using small rollers or a hot curler. When the hair is dried you just apply some hairspray and some ornate hairpins if you like. This type of hairstyle is best suited for girls with an oval face and not too thin and straight hair, otherwise you’ll have to put too much firming product and the results will be disappointing.

While there are many other prom hairstyles for short hair, some of them are more daring than other. If you are a nonconformist and like to experiment, the following hairdo is all yours. The ultra-mod is great for shorter, more layered hair that will allow for more volume. Speaking of volume, this is how you start the hairstyle: you apply mousse on the wet hair and blow-dry it so you get as much volume as possible. Next, with the help of a curling iron, you will smooth out the surface of the hair and define curls where you already have them or where you want them. For example, a big, fashioned curl made from your bangs will look amazing and will frame your face. Finish the hairstyle with hairspray, but only after applying some wax to further separate and smooth the curls.

As you can see, there are quite some interesting prom hairstyles for short hair; you just need to know where to look and to be brave enough to try something new.