Prom Hairstyles Half up Half Down

Prom hairstyles half up half down are perfect for those who have great hair and want everybody to notice, but they also like it pulled back. If you love the way your hair looks when it is down, but you also want to open up your face, try a half up half down hairstyle. There are endless possibilities and reasons to wear this hairdo. Here are some suggestions:

Smooth Pulled Back Half Updo

The straight prom hairstyles half up half down are simple, clean and never out of style. If you are the kind of girl who likes to keep things simple and still shine, give this hairstyle a try. Start by applying smoothing heat protection spray and blow-drying your hair with a large round brush.Next, use the flat iron in order to give your hair a glossy finish. This will help you achieve a Hollywood star look. If you have an old flat iron, consider trying out the best rated flat iron. You will be pleasantly surprised to discover that the newest flat irons will help you style your hair in ways that you never thought possible before. While the best flat iron will cost some money, it is worth it if you want to shine on prom night.

Once your hair is straightened, pin the front sides back at the top and fix with light hold spray. If your hair lacks volume, tease it a little at the roots. This hairstyle is perfect for heart, square, oval and round faces. It works great on any natural texture. If you’re looking for simple prom hairstyles, this is as simple as it can get while still looking fabulous; for a more complex hairstyle, check out the examples below.

Bun with Braided Headbands and Long Curls

Although it might seem like one of the complicated hairstyles, the bun with braided headbands and long curls is easy to do and will certainly not go unnoticed. If you like prom hairstyles half up half down, don’t overlook this amazing bun. Wash your hair and after is it almost dry, separate the top and side hair from the back section. Next, separate the hair in front into three sections just above the year and start braiding them until you reach the opposite year. After you finish the three braids secure them behind your year and make a loose messy bun in the crown area. Pin it with bobby pins. Use a large curling iron to curl the rest of the hair and add plenty of hairspray. This style works best on at least medium density hair and oval, round or subtle square face shapes.

Red Spiraled and Layered Half Updo

This is one of the prom hairstyles half up half down that require a deep rich red color for a full effect. The layering adds volume and keeps the weight looking light. If you have bangs, sweep them to one side for a romantic vibe. Start by washing your hair and adding quality products for volume and heat protection. After the hair is completely dry, create spiral curls with a medium sized curling iron around the back of your head. Choose small sections for each curl so that it will hold better. Smooth the top of your head and the bangs and sides. Lift the sides and top in a crown and fix it with bobby pins. Polish with finishing spray. This hairstyle is most suitable for long, heart, oval and some round and square faces. If you have thin hair, consider adding extensions.