Prom Updo Hairstyles 2013

A young woman going to the prom has to take care of her look in this special day and the hairstyle is one of the most important aspects that should definitely not be overlooked. We have selected for you some gorgeous prom updo hairstyles 2013 that we hope to inspire you!

One of the many prom updo hairstyles 2013 you can try is an elegant bun inspired by the myriad of imposing hairstyles of the 60s. What makes it different from other voluminous buns is the free bottom part of the hair arranged in large waves.

Having something from the 60s’ style, this look is really trendy this season – loose, slightly textured curls and a high crown are both stylish and easy to achieve.

Another of the elegant and sophisticated prom updo hairstyles 2013 can be easily obtained by parting your hair on one side and a special braiding. The hair shine and lack of rebellious strands gives this look a refined and distinctive air.

This is a hairstyle that is very easy to obtain, but effective. In order to have a smooth and very shiny hair, use some hair spray. Thus, you will avoid any rebellious strands getting loose. It is a style that works for different hair lengths and textures, from thin hair to thick hair, and which offers an amazing elegance for any party.

All tied up is a new interpretation of braided trends, in a simple, convenient and effective way, consisting of a loose braided tail that is afterwards pulled on the forehead. Expert advice: Even if your hair is long enough, you can play braiding the strands from the front in a different style, for example along the hair. Try different positioning to find the one that is right for you.

This is one of the rebellious yet elegant prom updo hairstyles 2013. You can get even more volume if the tips are previously turned inward with the help of a large brush. The wildness and freedom of the 20s had been forgotten, and women did no longer sought after the slightly masculine look of the 20s, when silhouette and femininity almost disappeared. This is the look embraced today by all women, by young women and by the mature ones, as well. Vintage fashion is the key style of this look, and this classic hairstyle bears a modern retouch, through the created bun. Natural hair brushes will give the hair a smooth aspect, and if you spray some hairspray on the brush, the result will be an obedient hair, without rebellious strands getting out of the hairdo.