Repurposing your prom dress – 5 ways to do it

Prom night is a once in a lifetime event and every girl is doing her best to look stylish when she is going to meet all her high school friends at the formal event. Makeup, dress, and hairstyle have to be perfect in order to impress everyone when you are going to enter the room. However, once the event is done the dress that you were wearing that night tends to end up on a hanger in your wardrobe without to wearing it again. Yet, it is an important dress for you since it reminds you of the amazing night you spent with all your friends dancing all night long and having fun. Instead of letting it hanging there and taking space for no reason, you can try those 5 ways to repurpose it.

1.      Modify it to a completely new look

The dress is almost brand-new since it was worn only one time, so throwing it away should not be an option. One of the ways that you can repurpose into something that you will actually like and wear for a long time from now on is to take it to a dressmaker and let her do her magic. Modify it to a more casual dress that can be worn in daily outfits as well.

2.      Give it to your best friend

Even if it might sound silly, we all have some clothing items that we like to keep because of the memories we have when we were wearing them. Since it has a big importance for you because you were wearing it at your prom which was an important event for you, you surely want to make sure that this dress goes to someone that will appreciate it and take good care of it. Who else can deserve having something so meaningful to you if not your best friend? If she would like to have it you should not hesitate to give it to her.

3.      Give it a place of honor

You need that space in your wardrobe for all the new clothes that you buy all the time. Plus, it will just stay there getting dusty and deteriorated. Pack it carefully and search online for “storage units near me” and take it there together with all the other things that you are not using at the moment. 

4.      Sell it

We did say that we understand it is hard to give up on the dress because of what it reminds you of but selling it can actually be a good idea. Once you sell it, you will get some extra money that you can use to buy something new that you would actually use and keep as a memory at the same time.

5.      Turn it into a skirt

The dress might be too formal for you to wear at any event that you are attending or in daily basis places that you go. However, by turning it into a skirt is a brilliant idea. This way you can combine it with several other t-shirts and create new outfits every time you are wearing it.