Salon scheduling software – important features

Salon owners always found keeping track of their appointments and inventory a challenge because of the great number of clients calling to book and cancel appointments every day. It is difficult to concentrate on two separate tasks at the same time, so the old-fashioned way of tracking appointments on a calendar is of little help to hairstylists that are booked full every day. More than that, the inability to properly keep track of appointments negatively affects the customers as well and you risk losing loyal clientele by messing up the dates and booking two people at the same time. Salon scheduling software was designed to help hairstylists overcome these problems by allowing them to schedule appointments in an efficient and easy way. This type of application offers a series of benefits such as improving customer services and increasing productivity, but the best apps also offer hairstylists the opportunity to do their inventory tracking effortlessly and accurately. When purchasing a hair salon app, owners should take into account all their needs and make sure that the software they choose meets those needs and at least basic requirements. The following are the features of hair salon scheduling software that should not be missed.

Appointment scheduling

Scheduling appointments with the help of the app should be done effortlessly. This is why you should pick a tool that can be installed on various devices including mobile ones such as tablets and smartphones to ensure that hairstylists will have access to their list of appointments all day long. Make sure to check whether the app is touch responsive. It is faster and easier to carry a tablet around and book or cancel appointments with a swift movement of your finger than using a complex system that involves signing in from a computer and using the keyboard. Another important feature you need to check is whether the app offers a filter searching option. You should be able to filter your list depending on your needs, so appointments should fall under one of the following categories: current, upcoming or completed. The hairstylist will be able to reschedule appointments more easily this way. The app should also send automatic emails with appointment conformation and reminders to customers.


Client management

Well-designed salon scheduling software should offer the hairstylist the possibility to create a client database and search through it with ease. Whenever a regular calls to schedule a haircut, the app user will be able to access detailed information about the customer and schedule an appointment swiftly. Some apps also offer you the opportunity to create marketing campaigns through emails.


Inventory tracking

Another important feature of a salon app is inventory tracking. Instead of using two separate apps to schedule appointments and check your inventory, you should look for software that can do both, as it should make your job easier. The app should have a user-friendly interface and allow you to view stock levels, make targets and reorder levels. You should also be able to enter details about each inventory item.