Short Prom Hairstyles

For teenage girls prom is an extremely important event. Therefore, they want to look beautiful and to stand out from others. Although girls with long hair can style their hair in endless ways, girls with short hair don’t have to worry about, because they can also have a feminine and extravagant hairstyle for the big night. There are various ways to style short hair, so read on to know what short prom hairstyles to do at home. Furthermore check out the best hair color ideas of 2013 in order to make sure that your look matches the latest hair trends.

One of the short prom hairstyles is to wear your hair disheveled and add some fun hair accessories to create a fresh and young look. This hairstyle is easy to do and easy to maintain all night. If your hair is curly, put a lot of gloss and let it fall to have a charming look. You can also make braids in short hair.

Often, teenage girls with short hair wear pin like spikes. You have to straighten your hair, create a few spikes and let them hang loose. This not so soft look is ideal for prom, especially for boyish girls. Another option is to create volume and add sleekness to the front and edges. Girls with very short strands can put some styling wax to add texture and highlight the cut and add a fun accessory such as a side bow. These styling possibilities for girls with short haircuts are prom-worthy and easy to do at home.

A short bob haircut is also a perfect choice of short prom hairstyles. Girls with this haircut can style their hair in various ways to have a sophisticated look for prom night. For a sleek short bob, add volume, make a deep side part and put a finishing gloss. For a layered bob cut, create volume and curl strands outwards, then add hairspray to fix your hairstyle. If you have a geometric bob cut, just add a lot of volume and a shine spray to make hair shine.

Another way in which girls can style their short hair is to make tight curls and keep it wavy on the top of the head. This look is elegant and is easy to do. Another option is to curl hair at the ends and secure them on one side with bobby pins to create a side bun. This is also an elegant and chic prom hairstyle, which complements an elegant dress. Also, a short hair with fringe makes you look chic and charming, and if you add a fun accessory it will give you a cute look. As far as the hair color ideas 2013 go, the options are numerous. It seems that women haven’t had enough of the ombre style as it highly popular in the 2013 trends. What is great about this hair style is that it can apply to almost everybody. All you have to do is highlight your natural color and add a few lighter color touches towards the ends. Other hip colors this year are the bright orange and the buttery blonde.

The prom night is very special for teenage girls and how they style their hair is as important as the dress. For girls with short hair, these are just some short prom hairstyles to consider.