Unique hairstyles for a celebrity look – here comes the prom queen

Unique hairstyles for a celebrity look – here comes the prom queen

The prom is close, and you want to be the queen, but you know that you are not the only one who is competing for this title. Therefore, your only option is to amaze everyone with your look, and this means that you have to find a gorgeous dress and have a unique hairstyle. When it comes to the dress you can find inspiration on what celebrities are wearing on the red carpet, and if you cannot buy the dress from a store, you can ask a tailor to create you a model similar to the ones you have seen. When making your dress at a tailor you have the possibility to choose the colour, and to also add or cut some details. But when it comes to hairstyles, you would have difficulties in recreating exactly the one your favourite star worn, because your hair types are different. But here are some unique hairstyles everyone could wear, and that would help you become the queen of the prom ASAP.

Boho hairstyle

Don’t you know that boho style is ones of the celebrities’ favourites? Well, those angelic looks would always get to people’s hearts and if you want to impress them with a natural but still sophisticated look then look for some ribbon for sale, because you would definitely need it. You can braid your hair in a side pony, and tie its end with a sheer ribbon, or you can braid a stripe in your hair, and create a Dutch braid around your head.

Grecian Goddess look

Grecian goddesses are well known for their beauty, and you can inspire from their look to create a prom hairstyle. One option would be to curl your hair and style it in an updo. Accessorise it with a few flowers, if you wear a dress in a nude tone, or if you want to obtain a more dramatic look, then you can place some jewelleries in your hair.

Less is more

If you have a dress in a bold colour or with a complex design, then you should opt for a simple hairstyle, because if you put accessories in your hair, you would look overwhelming. You can inspire from Kate Middleton’s hairstyle, because she is a style-icon when it comes simple but fashionable looks. Style it in some loose curls, or tie it in a simple ponytail, if you have your hair dyed in a bold colour as red.